In this corner, HOPE.

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In Honor Of

Rock Steady Boxing Petaluma is dedicated to the Odetto Family, Carla, Shelby, and Chris, in honor of Matt Odetto, who was the reason our program was started. He was one of our original boxers  who's shoes nobody could ever fill! Thank you Matt for leaving behind a gift of community and support to those diagnosed with Parkinson's. 

  Matthew Christopher Odetto   

    January 7, 1961 - May 26, 2018


Fighting Back

Carla Odetto is a Studio Fit kickboxer who knew Rock Steady Boxing was the perfect fit for our facility and who wanted a place  for her husband, Matt, to fight back against Parkinson's. Her dedication, determination, and persistence is what we all are thankful for at Rock Steady Petaluma. Thank you Carla for being who you are and believing Studio Fit was a perfect match for Rock Steady Boxing. It was truly our honor to be a part of Matt's fight.  

Our Team


rock steady in honor of 

Our Coaches


Scott Sinan

Jeanette Perry

Jeanette Perry

 Scott Sinan is the owner of Rock Steady Boxing, Studio Fit and Martial Arts USA. Scott began teaching fitness classes back in 1996, specifically taebo/fitness kickboxing classes. Scott’s open mind, pursuit of spiritual and physical well being and generosity provides the foundation for the success of his members. He has quite the following, come and see for yourself.


Jeanette Perry

Jeanette Perry

Jeanette Perry

 Jeanette Perry is our Rock Steady Manager, Fitness Instructor, and a Rock Steady Coach. A Sonoma State University graduate, born and raised in Petaluma, makes her honored to be helping her hometown's community. First participating in Rock Steady as a corner person for her uncle, who has Parkinson's, pushed started her to joining the Rock Steady coaching team. Fitness is not just a career choice for her but a way of life.  


Ryan Markey

Jeanette Perry

Danielle Vader

 Ryan is a Certified Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor and is trained in Group Fitness,. His passion for helping others comes from growing up watching his grandfather battle Parkinson's. He loves to help others achieve goals that seem unattainable, believing that with focus and dedication you can accomplish anything. He has a BA in Educational Psychology, which drives him to try and understand the different ways that motivate people to learn. 


Danielle Vader

Danielle Vader

Danielle Vader

 Danielle joined the team after meeting a handful of our wonderful boxers. She loves being a part of events that tie into our belief that fitness is a lifestyle. Fitness and the well being of others is very important to her. After being a member and loving the classes she was inspired to become a fitness instructor. She loves sharing her creative workouts with all of the Rock Steady Family. 


Krista Lewis

Danielle Vader

Krista Lewis

 Krista is our newest coach and is very excited to be apart of such a welcoming and powerful team. She found a passion for Rock Steady after her grandfather was diagnosed when she was younger.

What is a Player Coach?


A player coach is a Rock Steady member who  goes through the training to become a Rock Steady Coach. Our Player Coaches participate in the program for a minimum of three years with three plus classes a week and also conclude a kickboxing training course hosted within our facility. 

Player Coach


Tim Hupke

Tim is one of our original Rock Steady members and is our FIRST player coach.  Tim always wants to help anyone and everyone he can. He is a retired Firefighter. Need a friend or helping hand? Tim is your guy!