In this corner, HOPE.

Getting Started

Make A Step in the Right Direction

You or a loved one has been diagnosed with Parkinson's. Now what? Time to get familiar with resources and the Parkinson's community. You've already made it to this site so your off to a good start.! 

Next step, contact us to ask questions by making a phone call or sending an email. Come watch a class to see what we are all about and have the opportunity to meet our members and talk to them yourself.  Classes are offered Monday through Saturday. 

After you ask some questions, and have a chance to check us out, it's time to setup an assessment. This is where we run through a few exercises to see how you are doing and determine the best format to provide you with to enhance your capabilities and fight back against Parkinson's. This is nothing too sweat about and your welcome to bring a family member or friend to hangout with us during the assessment. 

Your almost there! Now it's time to map out your schedule and glove up with us at Rock Steady Boxing Petaluma! This is where the real fun starts! You can hit one class a week or six classes a week. The choice is yours. We recommend four classes a week as a goal if possible.